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The FRC programme is Ireland’s largest family support programme delivering universal services to families in disadvantaged areas across 120 communities, based on a lifecycle approach.

The National FRC Mental Health Promotion Project, is part of the whole Family Resource Centre programme covering nine regions and 120 FRCs.  The project, which is funded by the National Office for Suicide Prevention and Tusla, promotes a shared responsibility and a shared response to the action of suicide and endeavours to raise awareness and reduce stigma associated with mental health.  The project works in partnership with HSE Suicide Prevention Resource Officers nationally to deliver Suicide Prevention Code of Practice Training and to support the implementation of Connecting For Life- Ireland’s strategy for reduce suicide 2015-2020.

The project strives towards utilising the strengths and resilience of communities to create awareness, educate, break down barriers, and offer solutions to the complex issue, which is mental health. Prevention can be supported through training, guidance, building relationships and consolidating supports.

The following are some of the training supports the project delivers:




This is a one day training  events for core staff of FRCs.

  • The Code of Practice for Suicide Prevention in Family Resource Centres (FRCs) provides guidance for staff members, volunteers and members of voluntary management committees on how to identify warning signs and support people who feel suicidal
  • The workshop gives participants an understanding of suicide prevention in Ireland, the guidelines for FRC staff contained in the Code of Practice, and offers  help around how to use the Code of Practice within FRCS.



This is a one day training event for all staff of FRCs.

  • This training provides front line workers with a safety system when caring for others and  aims to recognise the importance of the mental health of staff in FRCs.
  • The training allows individuals to attend a quiet safe space where they can relate to other professionals in the room and be able to accept the challenging field they work in, while also willing to strengthen their resilience.
  • We teach individuals how to produce productive, effective work by looking at how to be positively proactive, whilst bringing awareness on compassion fatigue and burnout.


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