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We’d like to welcome you to Power Fitness.

We look forward to working with you to help you live a healthy, balanced and injury free life.

We here at Power Fitness want to motivate, encourage and push you to get the results you deserve.

About the coach / founder

Seán Power is a certified personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach and Yoga instructor with over a decade of experience coaching competing athletes and general public.

Growing up Seán bounced around from sport to sport, club to club before finding Martial Arts and the Gym. From this he developed a deep interest in everything fitness related and his knowledge began to grow. 

He has competed in many Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts MMA tournaments, he has taken part in specifically designed fitness photoshoots and just last year he travelled to India to further his studies in the art of Yoga. 

Power Fitness Overview:
​A personal one on one training approach dedicated to optimising your life. We will guide you not only through your physical transformation but also not forgetting your personal growth and overall wellbeing. We provide a personalised structured programme to develop and help all clients to achieve their goals.

Power Fitness Vision:
To work towards and accomplish a level of wellness for you that you can truly be happy with.

Power Fitness Promise To The Client: 
To be personally invested in the state of your well-being and making it our personal goal to accomplish your goals. Optimising longevity and health in all individuals. 

The Power Fitness Way: 
Being accountable for ones self-involvement to achieve a level of human performance, and a planned healthy approach to becoming strong in all aspects of life.

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